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Chew Proof Dog Beds

Dec 29, 2020 | News

Debunking the Myth of an Indestructible Dog Bed

Lots of people search online for a chew-proof dog bed. But in our experience, that’s an ideal that just can’t exist. Let us talk you through how our dog beds are designed to be chew-resistant, and why a chew-proof dog bed is just too good to be true. We want to encourage you to listen to the facts and not fall for advertising falsehoods!

A lot of companies claim they have created dog beds that are chew-proof. And while we’d love to see that dream come true, the fact is that if they feel so inclined, dogs can chew up a barbecue. If a metal structure meets the jaws of a dog and loses, what chance could fluffy pillows and fabric have? To label dog beds as completely indestructible or chew-proof is a bit dodgy, and straight up misinformation.

We’re honest here at Pods4Pets, which is why our dog beds are stated as chew-resistant, not chew-proof.

We’d also like to say that dogs usually chew when they are bored or anxious when left alone. So, the number one way to discourage your dog from chewing their bed is to keep them entertained with toys, activities, exercise, attention, and space (we’re guessing the dogs that chew up barbecues must have been left alone for a long time!).

Here are the design factors that make Pods4Pets products chew-resistant:

  • Cornerless design. Any dog bed with corners is giving a dog something that is easy to bite and therefore easy to chew. Because of the lovely oval shape of our pods, it’s a lot more difficult for dogs to get anything to chew easily.
  • Sturdy materials. Built to last from materials such as marine grade, waterproof canvas & strong faux fur elasticised covers, our beds are much harder for dogs to chew.
  • The slip-on cover. Our elasticised covers go over the raised side of the dog bed, making it practically impossible for dogs to sink their teeth into the edges. This is the same principle as having no corners.

If your dog chews and you are looking for a chew-resistant dog bed, shop our range of Tuff canvas dog beds 

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