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Nov 29, 2020 | News

Our Durable and Machine Washable Dog Beds

Here at Pods4Pets we deliver a washable dog bed that’s crafted for both comfort and durability. With our sturdy 3-part design and chew-resistant materials, this dog bed is not only designed to be machine washable, it’s designed to last you for years and years. 

The way some manufacturers design their dog beds, you’d think they’d never had a pet in their entire lives! Have you ever tried to throw your dog bed in the washing machine and returned to find it completely unravelled? Or maybe the dog bed material still has hair clinging to it after the wash?

These are tales we hear all too often from people who have bought a cheap dog bed online, or from a big chain store. Our dog beds are designed to be easily machine washable yet retain their colour and shape, again and again. 

Here are some of the fantastic factors that make our pet pods so easy to clean:

  • Our dog beds are made from the best. We choose materials that fur won’t stick to. Whether your Pods4Pets pet bed is in faux fur or canvas, your pets’ hairs won’t stick to it. And not much else will either. 
  • Clever 3-part design. You will probably only need to wash the elasticised cover of your Pods4Pets dog bed. The elasticised cover is designed to protect the inner cushion from getting dirty or smelly, but you can also easily remove it and machine wash it as well. 
  • Simple reassembly after cleaning. The oval shape of our pods make it simple to put the cover straight back on after cleaning. No more awkward corners to contend with! By the way, did you know our corner-free dog bed design discourages chewing?

All Pods4Pets components are designed to be washed with cold water and liquid laundry detergent, then air-dried. Simple and easy! 

So, what are you waiting for? You can easily keep your home fresh and environmentally friendly by choosing a pet bed that is actually designed to be machine washable. Choose Pods4Pets and you’re choosing a sustainable and sturdy dog bed. 

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