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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Pods4Pets?

​Two types to choose from, our Original Soft Pod or for those who are hard on their bedding, the Tuff Canvas model.
​Many clients tell us they have had our beds for years ! Still loved and looking great. ​Nothings indestructible, but we do get many clients reporting that ours are the first dog beds their pets haven’t destroyed.

How long have you had yours ? 8 years is the best I’ve heard so far – if you’ve got a Pods4Pets story, please send us a post on Facebook.com/Pods4Pets

​Because each part moves independently of the others, Pods4Pets will resist most scratching, biting and many other things your pets do. Why ? Because they’re not ‘hitting’ the same spot all the time – it moves, as the pet wants it to, to get comfortable.

Hair, dirt, sand and smells don’t stick to the fabrics we choose. Each one is the best quality of its type that we can find. They don’t harbour fleas, bacteria or mould – a big benefit of synthetics. The weave of the fabrics also enables air to circulate so they don’t overheat your pets.

The covers aren’t waterproof so that they allow air to flow between the layers, but the ‘mattress’ part of the Pod is highly water resistant, dries quickly and protects the inner cushion from dirt, hair and smell. The Covers are fabrics and not animal skins. They are the same quality of Faux Furs & Faux Suedes that the garment industry make womens expensive fur coats and jackets.

They feel like the real thing, but I assure you that no animals are hurt in the process – High quality Acrylics which also come in a variety of colours, thicknesses, textures and patterns from subtle to Wild. Most are about 25mm thick, but can vary from 2mm to 40mm, and they can all be cold water machine washed !

Literally pet hair doesn’t stick to the covers – it’s fantastic. If your pet sheds at all, the Hair will sit on the bed until you want it gone, vacuum, brush or just take the bed outside, take the cover off and shake – hair’s gone!

I brush my foot across the fabric when I get up (feels great), and the hair groups together, pick it up and toss it in the bin. It really is that easy !

Is anything ? One bloke told me his dog ate the metal leg off his BBQ…..nothings indestructible….. BUT Pods4pets are oval shaped which means no corners to chew and most of the stitching is underneath, so no seams to get at !

​We use 3 independent parts to construct the pod:

1. Inner Cushion. this supports and comforts your pet, using the same quality of fill that is in the cushions on your lounge or pillows in bed i.e Human grade. The Inner Cushion goes inside part

2. the Pod Base to create a ‘mattress’ that lets air flow. The mattress has an outer edge to also provide support as well as a nest to create a calming and secure place for your pets to relax or sleep. Over the mattress goes

3. the Elasticised Cover (which is the main part you vacuum, brush, shake or wash when needed). The Cover also allows air to flow so that it adjusts to the season, keeping your fabulous furry friends warm in Winter and cooler in Summer.

​Each part moves independently of the other so our Pods will resist most digging, scratching, biting and most things pets do because they’re not ‘hitting’ the same spot all the time – the parts move, as the pet wants it to, to get comfortable.

​Many clients tell us that, for some reason – maybe the fabrics we choose, the quality of the materials used in the construction, the flexibility in the pod or just the comfort they provide – our Pods4Pets are the only bed they haven’t destroyed.

We call it the ‘Donut’ design. It has an outer ring and the middle sinks slightly to provide a nesting area for your pet, with sides that act like a pillow for support and security. The inner cushion is zipped into the base to protect it & weighted differently to the sides which creates the nesting area. Pets love it !

​Add the luxurious elasticised cover and you have 3 independent parts that can be washed or changed individually.

​Each part can be purchased separately too, so you don’t have to throw a bed out, just replace the part you need. Cover, Base or Cushion.

What types of beds does Pods4Pets make?

We make 2 types of beds for all types of dogs, cats, rabbits and the occasional guinea pig.

1. Original soft black Pod consisting of an inner cushion inside a donut rim casing. These pods come with an elasticized and machine washable faux fur cover

2. Tuff Canvas Pod with a thick, dense cushion. These feel more like a firm cushioned lounge. They are marine grade waterproof canvas, firm & very supportive. The Tuff Canvas can be used as they are, or with one of our fantastic faux fur covers.

How much are Pods4Pets beds?

All Prices include GST & are clearly displayed on Online Store.

For a Complete Pod with Cover, Priced from $117 for a Small Original Soft Pod with a Cover to $284 for an Giant Tuff Canvas Pod with a Cover.

Each part, for every size, can be purchased individually or packaged together. An extra $18 will enable you to personalise the pod by adding a name or two to the logo.

​Each item within the store shows the sizes available. Make your selection and the price will appear in a box at the top of the page.

International orders are welcome, Please include the item desired and full address details on our Contact Us page to get a quote for shipping.

What sized bed is suitable for my pet?

Small 65cm x 50cm
Designed with cats and very small dogs in mind. Like Chihuahua’s and Tea Cup Poodles, some Terriers

Medium 80cm x 65cm
Bigger cats and mid sized dogs like Cocker Spaniels, Cavoodles & small Staffies

Large 110cm x 80cm
Our Husky’s use this size, BorderCollies, small Labradors, big Staffies

Giant 120cm x 95cm
German Shepherds, Grey Hounds and other long legged breeds, Bull Mastiffs and Great Danes love them

How do I clean my Pods4Pets bed?

Care and Washing
– The bed is oval shaped and so is the cover making re-fitting each section simple.
– If you’ve removed the inner cushion, to air or wash, when it’s dry, give it a good shake to get the filling plump again.
– Wash with liquid detergent.

Faux Fur Covers
– Acrylic fabrics hate heat which can cause the fabric to ‘mat, so NO hot water and DON’T tumble dry.
– Real fur doesn’t stick to faux fur. Not much does, which is fantastic! Wash the covers using liquid detergent and COLD water.
– Wash the covers separately to the pods.
– Wash covers as often as needed.
– Cold water wash and air dry.
– Air Dry – To Air dry we use the outdoor furniture to hang it over and give it a shake or brush to fluff up the faux fur

Original Soft Pods
– Our Original Soft Pods are designed to be used with a cover, not to be used without one
– The covers help in stopping dirt and odour getting to the Pod. So the Soft Pods & Inner Cushion probably won’t require washing
– If you do wash the soft Pod, take the inner cushion out. Each part should be washed separately. Gentle cycle and liquid detergent are recommended
– Inner cushion can be washed too, if needed. Hand wash or place in a wash bag.
– Air dry each washed part.

Tuff Canvas Pods
– Canvas covers are waterproof.
– Are designed to be used as they are, or with a Pods4Pets faux fur cover
– Wipe Canvas with a soapy damp cloth to remove dirt
– Inner cushion is oversized like most lounge cushions so it takes a little effort to remove or re-insert it.

Luxury Dog Beds Made in Australia

We are certain your furry friend will love our dog beds! Pods4Pets dog beds are designed and built in Australia, machine washable, chew resistant and made to last.

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