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Customer Interview With Trix

Feb 27, 2021 | News

Pods4Pets Customer Interview With Trix

We’re so grateful for all the pets and their families who love our dog beds. We love meeting our customers every week, and hearing how their furry friends get great rest and snuggles in their pods. 

This week we’d love to introduce you to Kath Peatey and her wonderdog Trix!

Trix is a bubbly Border Collie with infectious enthusiasm! You can find them both on Instagram with the handle @newtrixbc.


Hi Kath! Can you tell us a bit about Trix?

Trix is a 4 year old Border Collie, I got her at 8 weeks old. We compete together in obedience and rally trick titles at dog shows. She just loves it, and this weekend we are going to a workshop called “Disc Dog” to learn how to compete in the frisbee events, too!

How did you first hear about Pods4Pets?

We were lucky enough to connect at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show last year, and have been following on Facebook ever since. I was really impressed with the beds. Every week there’s a competition to win a voucher to go towards getting a bed, and I kept sending photos of Trix looking sad on the floor. Finally they said she just looked so cute we won a voucher! It was the best thing ever, Trix got a great Christmas present. 

Have you tried other kinds of dog beds in the past?

Yes, we previously got cheap ones from pet shops, or places like Big W or the Reject Shop. But she’s never run to them like how she runs to her pod.


Any other differences you notice between those pet beds and your Podz4Pets bed?

She absolutely loves this pod, this is the one she races to. I’d never seen her jump on a bed and roll around on it before. She snuggles down into it and will chill there for hours while we watch TV. She makes a little nest and looks so happy! 

I also love how it comes in a separate cover that I can take off and wash. I’m currently saving for a new elasticised cover so I can easily replace it while I’m washing the other. 

I also love the fact that its Australian owned and made, and the quality of fabric is fabulous.

The owners are fabulous too, you can tell they really love dogs.  

Here’s Trix in snuggle mode on her Black Starry Night model. Trix is on a large size dog bed. 


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