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Kind Words From Our Customers

5.0 rating, 5000+ happy dogs


We bought this bed about 2 weeks ago for our adopted great dane/mastiff mix that we just picked up tonight. He came home and went right to it and passed out asleep. I think he likes it. ♡♡


My doggo absolutely adores her pod and I love that even though she gets it filthy dirty on a regular basis I can just chuck it in the wash and it comes out clean as new 😊


Loved by all. Comfy, easy to transport and a breeze to clean.


​Lucy loves her pod (and her brothers haha), just like a princess she decided double decker pods was just her thing and refused to move!! They are a big hit in our house just need to get one more…. Actually maybe 2 cause I think the humans deserve one too they are just so cosy


Hi guys! We saw you at the Melbourne Dog Lovers show and got a beautiful bed for our youngest, (and biggest) Rumble, it arrived today so I thought I’d send a picture of her enjoying it ​;-)


My most favourite feature of the pods are that u can now purchase them with the canvas lining. I found even with the heat the canvas lined pod was still being used by my three legged bestie. That and the fact that if they get a little wet I can give it a wipe over.

Love the pod beds. Best feature is that you can replace parts without having to buy a whole new bed. They also last really well and my dogs love them.


Daisy the Dally just loves her cosy Pod!!!! she won’t sleep any where else. Luvluvluv it!!!


Thank you Jacque and pods 4 pets.. Our 2 fur babies LOVE their beds.. We play a game called bed monster which ends up with the dogs attacking their beds (well trying to get our hands that are under the bed!) and I cannot believe how well these beds wear… They wash up beautifully and even with endless games of bed monster the last couple of months still in perfect condition! Would never purchase a different dog bed again!!


‘I love my Pod THIIIIS much!!!’


I love that not only are they super comfortable for my babies, but they are super easy to clean. Making the life span of one last soooooo much longer!!! And it keeps my dogs (and cat) clear of mites and bugs as i can wash it so often!


We love your beds as they are durable fluffy and easily washable with GORGEOUS colors and material. Every dog that comes here chooses the same bed. Pods4pets make the best products! !!


We love your beds cos they are super comfy, very stylish and the only beds my sharpei and amstaff love and dont destroy.


​Love your pods because I love seeing this old boy so comfortable. Also, when the naughty cat piddles on it, its easy to wash, dry, and put back together. I dont have to throw it out and buy new beds!


​I love your beds because when we come home from a trip away camping my dogs jump on their pods and rub themselves into the fabric like they are seeing an old friend


We had to buy another as the toddler kept stealing the dog’s bed 😂


I love the beautiful fabrics and the fact that the covers are so easily removed and easy to wash and dry. But most of all I love how our old foster dog has commandeered one and spends most of her life on it – it is so easy for her to get on and off. I know she’s having a luxurious and supremely comfortable old age.


​Being a bulldog Molly will sleep pretty much anywhere….BUT her pod is her fave place to snuggle and squish her face into! Also we love how easy it is to wash as Molly sleeps with her tongue out and slobbers a bit!! Lol


We absolutely love your beds! They won’t sleep on anything else. These fussy working dogs love them! They are so comfy that I could sleep on them. Enjoying our Pod party tonight


Mack loves his pod. Why wouldn’t he, they are the best so comfy and so easy to wash and goes great with my lounge thanks for making these great pods

Luxury Dog Beds Made in Australia

We are certain your furry friend will love our dog beds! Pods4Pets dog beds are designed and built in Australia, machine washable, chew resistant and made to last.

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