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What Exactly is a Calming Dog Bed

Jan 29, 2021 | News

What Exactly is a Calming Dog Bed?

Remember those ads for ‘calming dog beds’ that were all over Facebook about 6 months ago? They featured soft, fluffy one-piece beds that are cute, unwashable and easy to destroy. Since then, the hubbub around the original dog bed has died down, thanks in part to not-so-favourable testimonials and the impracticality of these beds. But understandably, people are still interested in what exactly makes a dog bed soothing. 


Here’s an example of the ‘calming dog bed’ that went viral, presumably before someone tried to machine wash it. 

Calming dog beds can refer to anything that makes it easier for your pooch to relax and restore. What exactly makes a dog bed calming comes down to a few factors:

  • The height of the dog pod’s edges

The raised lip of the dog pod definitely contributes to the calming quality of this bed. Most dogs love having something to snuggle into. The support around their sides really gives a sense of security to your pets, making this style of pet bed a real anti-anxiety helper. 

At Pods4Pets, the raised round edges of our dog beds are protected by a slipcover to discourage chewing and encourage snuggling down for a good night’s rest. So your dog can rest easy in a soothing space, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t wake up to a living room full of decimated dog bed!

  • Soft fabric

While dogs can and will snooze at will, they prefer soft fabrics. Harsh and coarse fabrics like hessian are not your dogs’ preferred place to rest – the calming factor in a dog bed comes from squishy material you can sink into. At Pods4Pets, our fabrics range from the softest faux fur to Tuff canvas to withstand all conditions, but all are so soft and comfortable that we’d sleep on them ourselves. 

  • Cushioned base

As dogs age, they find it especially soothing to rest their bones on something soft. Arthritic dogs, in particular, find it challenging to relax when their dog bed is too hard. Raising your dog off hard surfaces, especially if they sleep in a concrete or tiled area, will give a sense of ease that allows deep rest. In our experience, dogs remain semi-alert when they sleep on something hard, even memory foam. Give them something soft, and they reach a deeper state of doggy-dream bliss. 

Why Pods4Pets Make the best Calming Dog Bed Around:
Our dog pods tick all the boxes for soothing dog beds, and then some. Other factors to consider include benefits for dog owners as well as the dogs themselves. 

  • Our calming dog pods are completely machine washable. Their 3-part construction makes them easy to clean. Usually, just the easy slip-off cover needs a wash. 
  • Our calming dog beds come in a variety of sizes for all manner of four-legged friends. Many of the cheaper calming dog beds only make one size suitable for a medium-sized dog such as a Spitz or a Beagle. But ours come from small to extra-extra-large (or Chihuahua to Great Dane). 
  • Our calming dog beds are backed by customer reviews. The reviews and testimonials tell the truth about the cheaper one-piece so-called calming dog pods on the market: you can’t wash them, they are poorly made, and dogs destroy them easily. Check out our happy customer reviews here, and read up on those who took the time to tell us about the quality of our product. Our tough design is incredibly comfy yet chew-resistant and built to last you years and years. 

So if you want a true blue calming dog bed, don’t settle for something made without heart by people who don’t understand how dogs behave. We think it makes more sense to help your dog sleep easily on the same bed their whole lives. 

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