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Best Pods4Pets Dog Beds

Mar 29, 2021 | News

Why You Should Choose Pods4Pets Dog Beds

​Two types to choose from, our Original Soft Pod which creates a ‘nest’ for your perfect pet, or the Tuff Canvas model for those big heavy breeds, or those who just like a firmer bed and also for those pets who are hard on their bedding.
​Many clients tell us they have had our beds for years ! Still loved and looking great
​Nothings indestructible, but we do get many clients reporting that ours are the first dog beds their pets haven’t destroyed.
How long have you had yours ?  8 years is the best I’ve heard so far – if you’ve got a Pods4Pets story, please send us a post on Facebook.com/Pods4Pets
​Because each part moves independently of the others, Pods4Pets will resist most scratching, biting and many other things your pets do. Why ? Because they’re not ‘hitting’ the same spot all the time – it moves, as the pet wants it to, to get comfortable.

Separate elasticised and machine washable Covers
Hair, dirt, sand and  smells don’t stick to the fabrics we choose. Each one is the best quality of its type that we can find. They don’t harbour fleas, bacteria or mould – a big benefit of synthetics. The weave of the fabrics also enables air to circulate so they don’t overheat your pets.
The covers aren’t waterproof so that they allow air to flow between the layers, but the ‘mattress’ part of the Pod is highly water resistant, dries quickly and protects the inner cushion from dirt, hair and smell

In case you were wondering our Covers are man made fabrics and not animal skins. No animals are hurt in the making of these fabrics. The fabrics are the same apparel grade quality of Faux Furs, Faux Suedes and Soft Polyesters that the garment industry make womens expensive fur coats and jackets. They feel like the real thing, but I assure you that no animals are hurt in the process – High quality Acrylics which also come in a variety of colours,  thicknesses, textures and patterns from subtle to Wild. Most are about 25mm thick, but can vary from 6mm to 45mm, and they can all be cold water machine washed !

Literally pet hair doesn’t stick to the covers – it’s fantastic.
If your pet sheds at all, the Hair will sit on the bed until you want it gone, vacuum, brush or just take the bed outside, take the cover off and shake – hair’s gone !
I brush my foot across the fabric when I get up (feels great), and the hair groups together, pick it up and toss it in the bin. It really is that easy !

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